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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tales From The Crypt: Volume 3

Starring: Demi Moore, Kelly Preston, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lance Henriksen, William Hickey
Directed By: Howard Deutch, Arnold Schwarzenegger, & Walter Hill
Release Year: 1992
VHS Release Year: 1992
Distributor: Warner Home Video
Box Type: Slipcase
Catalog #: 35320

  • This is a 1992 slipcase release distributed by Warner Home Video.
  • This is a collection of the first three episodes from season two of the HBO series, "Tales From The Crypt"
  • The three "tales" in this collection are "Dead Right", "The Switch" (Directed and with a brief cameo by Arnold Schwarzenegger), & the outstanding, "Cutting Cards".
  • The Warner Home Video ident is shown before the feature.
  • There are no previews before the feature.
  • This collection is titled, "Volume 3". The other two volumes in this series were released on VHS by HBO Video as "Tales From The Crypt" in 1989 & "All New! Tales From The Crypt" in 1990. Neither had "Volume" in it's title.
  • The episodes are edited together without their opening and end credits, each segments credits are edited together in a scrolling screen credit sequence, giving it more of a theatrical horror anthology feel.
  • The themes from each individual episode along with the main title theme by Danny Elfman are played over the end credits.
  • The opening intro for "Tales From The Crypt" usually opens with "Home Box Office Presents", however being that this is distributed by Warner Bros., this collection opens with "Warner Bros. Presents". The Tales From The Crypt logo also features a cheaply inserted "Vol. III" graphic below it's title.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger made his directorial debut with "The Switch".
  • Rich Rossovich, who plays Hans/Carlton in "The Switch" also appeared with Arnold Schwarzenegger in "The Terminator". He played Ginger's (Sarah Connor's roomie) boyfriend.
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