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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shanghai Killers

Shanghai Killers (AKA Zhui ji and The Chase)
VHS Release 1988
United American Video Corporation
Starring Paul Tien, Fang Hsin
Directed by Tian-lin Wang

Although this is clearly a cheap release of a 1970's martial arts public domain title, the cover while crudely drawn is pretty good. It's obvious they tried to give the guy a "Bruce Lee" look, who was always good for a quick sell. I Always loved the artwork on these public domain titles, they weren't the best, sometimes they looked like they were done by a 4 year old, but they certainly stand out compared to the later VHS/DVD public domain titles in the 90's and 2000's which just used a publicity shot of the featured actor, usually from a different movie, no less! At least these had originality.

This version is a 1988 United American Video Corporation release of a 1971 Hong Kong film, originally titled "Zhui ji", later renamed "The Chase" for the North American market in 1973.
The quality of this tape is what to be expected from companies such as this, there's no remastering here, lots of blur, distortion, dirt, grain, and tracking problems which are perfect for a 1970's martial arts film, it adds to it's appeal.

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