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Friday, December 16, 2011

Scream And Scream Again!

1985 VHS Release
Vestron Video/Orion Pictures
Starring Vincent Price, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing
Directed by Gordon Hessler
  • 1985 Vestron Video & Orion Pictures release.
  • If you look closely, nipples are visible on the box art. Yes, I'm a sicko.
  • The box makes a big effort to state that this is "Vincent Price's 92nd Thriller", even though he's hardly in the movie.
  • Beautiful box art that took me over an hour to get all the video store stickers off. My version is faded but thanks to photoshop I got most of the color back in it.
  • This film was released on DVD by MGM in 2003 as a "Midnite Movies Double Feature" along with "The Oblong Box". There was also a DVD release in 2000.
  • The cover art is a reworked version of the original theatrical poster. On the poster the breast area has already dissolved.
  • There are several releases of this film on VHS, most notable, A 1994 "Vincent Price Collection" edition from Orion Home Video and two "Midnite Movies" versions in 2000 & 2003 from MGM.
  • My scan of this appears on the excellent website, Critical Condition in the Vestron Video section. (Although they could of given credit, just saying).
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