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Monday, December 19, 2011

Kiss Daddy Goodnight

Kiss Daddy Goodnight
Academy Entertainment
Starring Uma Thurman, Paul Dillon, Steve Buscemi
Directed by Peter Ily Huemer

  • Released by Academy Entertainment in 1988.
  • This film is Uma Thurman's feature film debut, she would have been about 17 or 18 when she filmed this. While this film is really just a by the numbers suspense thriller and nothing special, it is sought after by collectors because of Thurman's involvement and that it is also released by Academy, which is a well loved label by collectors.
  • Steve Buscemi has a small role in this film. He also has a small scene in Pulp fiction as the "Buddy Holly" waiter at Jackrabbit Slim's. Buscemi shares this scene with John Travolta and of course, Uma Thurman.
  • The slipcase has flaps on the top and bottom.
  • There are no previews prior to the feature.
  • This slipcase is done partly in a "gray wash". This technique was popularized by covers from DC Comics in the late 60's, early 70's and is usually used on VHS covers for courtroom dramas and erotic thrillers. The main character's oversized floating head is usually gray washed in a grainy effect in the background while another principal character usually full or half bodied is normal colored in the foreground. The VHS covers for "Physical Evidence" and "The Morning After" are examples of "gray washing".
  • Paul Dillon is the brother of Matt & Kevin.
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