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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Release Date: 1991
VHS Release Date: 1992
Vidmark Entertainmant
Starring Catherine Mary Stewart, Michael Nouri, Zach Galligan
Directed by George Mihalka
Catalog #: VM 5388

  • Released by Vidmark Entertainment in 1992.
  • This is a Screener copy.
  • The "Screener Copy" information is printed on the box and is not a sticker.
  • Like most screener copies, the label on the cassette is cheaply typed and looks homemade.
  • The label on the cassette reads,
    Screening Copy
    December 18, 1991
    Release Date: February 6, 1992"
  • The trailer and a commercial package featuring retailer information for this film appear before the feature.
  • While the label states a release date for February 6, 1992, the retailer commercial states a release date of January 29, 1992. The order date was January 14, 1992.
  • If a retailer purchased a two-pack of this film they would have recieved a lighted "Psychic" counter display.
  • Vidmark backed this release with full page four color ads in retailer newsletters, "Video Store", "Video Business" & "Video Insider".
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