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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Leprechaun 2 (1994)

Leprechaun 2
Vidmark Entertainment/Trimark Pictures/Front Row Entertainment
Starring Warwick Davis, Shevonne Durkin, Tony Cox, Michael James MacDonald
Directed By Rodman Flender

  • Although there's no mention on the box or the actual tape this version appears to have been released by Front Row Entertainment. A company known for their cheap prints of public domain films, usually recorded in EP/SLP mode, with some of the worst tracking of any of the cheaper low budget companies.
  • The Front Row Entertainment logo appears after the Warning screen followed by the Trimark logo.
  • This version is recorded in EP/SLP, but the tracking worked fine on my newer VCR that I bought this year (4/11).
  • There is a Vidmark Entertainment only SP version available with an identical box and tape front. Besides playing it, the other way to tell the difference is to look at the amount of tape inside the cassette. The Front Row version would have less.
  • The first Leprechaun movie had Jennifer Aniston, this one has Shevonne Durkin. Who? Exactly. (Reader, ryan1234 pointed out that Durkin was "the babysitter babe in Ghost In The Machine".
  • Warwick Davis & Tony Cox (A standout in Bad Santa) both played Ewoks in "Return Of The Jedi".
  • Michael MacDonald who plays the waiter who gets his face boiled, is now best known for playing the man-child Stuart Larkin on MADtv.
  • The late Sandy Baron, who plays Morty, will forever be known as Jack Klompus, the guy who gave Jerry the "upside down pen" on "Seinfeld".
  • There are no previews/trailers prior to the feature.
  • Rodman Flender went on to direct, "Idle Hands" one the most underrated comedy/horror flicks of the 90's.


ryan1234 said...

Shevonne Durkin was that babysitter babe in Ghost in the Machine (1993). XD

Sniktawt said...

I changed the blurb to reflect your comment.