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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Top Dog (1995)

Title: TOP DOG
Box Tagline: They're licensed for action!
Starring: Chuck Norris, Erik von Detten, Timothy Bottoms
Directed By: Aaron Norris
Release Year: 1995
VHS Release Year: 1995
Distributor: Live Home Video
Box Type: Slipcase
Catalog #: 69998
Previews/Trailers: Cutthroat Island; Stargate

  • Released in 1995 from Live Home Video.
  • Features previews/trailers for the then upcoming "Cutthroat Island" and the VHS release for "Stargate", which at the time was priced to own for 19.98 or less. 
  • After this movie wrapped, Chuck Norris ate the dog.
  • There is a clamshell release from Live Home Video as well.

  • Edited Sept. 27, 2015

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