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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Prince Of Darkness (1987)

Starring: Jameson Parker, Donald Pleasance, Lisa Blount, Victor Wong
Directed By: John Carpenter
Release Year: 1987
VHS Release Year: 1988
Distributor: MCA Home Video
Box Type: Slipcase
Catalog #: 80761

  • Released in 1988 from MCA Home Video.
  • This is the MCA Home Video Canadian version as the "The MCA Home Video Canada" sticker covers the U.S. info on the bottom of the back of the box. Most MCA releases did this in Canada as probably to not have to manufacture a different slipcase for each country.
  • There are no previews/trailers prior to the feature.
  • 1 comment:

    Ryan W. Featherston said...

    The U.S. VHS edition had a trailer for "Halloween II" at the start.