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Monday, April 09, 2012

Sergeant Ryker (1968)

Starring: Lee Marvin, Bradford Dillman, Peter Graves, Vera Miles, Murray Hamilton, Norman Fell
Directed By: Buzz Kulik
Genre: Drama, War
Release Year: 1968
VHS Release Year: 1987
Distributor: Goodtimes Home Video
Box Type: Slipcase
Catalog #: 4115

  • 1987 Goodtimes Home Video release.
  • The MCA Home Video ident with an inserted 'licensed to' Goodtimes Home Video ident followed by The Universal ident precede the feature.
  • Part of "The Hollywood Movie Greats" Collection.
  • As of this writing, this film which is actually two joined together episodes of "The Kraft Suspense Theatre", "The Case Against Paul Ryker" is not yet available on DVD (Region 1).
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