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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hobgoblins (1988)

Starring: Tom Bartlett, Kelley Palmer, Billy Frank, Paige Sullivan, Steven Boggs
Directed By: Rick Sloane
Release Year: 1988
VHS Release Year: 1990
Distributor: Star Classics Inc., Family Tyme Productions
Box Type: Slipcase
Catalog #: L1743

  • Recorded in EP/SLP.
  • Distributed in 1990 by Star Classics Inc. & Family Tyme Productions.
  • The Star Classics logo is on the box but not the cassette sticker label. The Family Tyme Video Productions logo appears on the sticker label but not on the box.
  • The sticker label does not say, "Hobgoblins", for some reason it says, 'Classic Films', something this film is certainly not.
  • There are no trailers/previews prior to the feature.
  • There is no Warning screen or idents prior to the feature, the movie just starts after a brief black screen.
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